Outsourcing and Co-sourcing

What We Provide?

We can provide professionally qualified and experienced staff for a limited and usually fixed period. This can be to fill an unexpected resource gap, to manage a short-term project (business reorganisation, transformation, etc.), or to provide specific technical skills for a limited time.

Following the Covid 19 crisis companies have been reviewing their fixed cost structures, and interim management is one way of increasing a company’s financial flexibility. Our staff can step into roles at short notice and hit the ground running.

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We can fulfil your assurance and support function requirements, such as internal audit delivery and reporting to your Board and executive management, including financial and management information reporting, internal control reporting, and Information Technology etc.

This will allow your organisation to focus on the core business, whilst also receiving an independent perspective of your organisation's risk management processes and overall control environment.


We can provide technical expertise to your Business, Assurance, Risk management and Control and Support functions. By working alongside our professionally qualified and technically experienced team you will benefit from: a) our expertise, and over time could develop technical skill sets within your current work force, and b) not having to employ expensive specialist resources.

Examples of projects/assignments which can be co-sourced include: Information Security reviews; Cloud migration; Business transformation; Development, validation and review of Financial and Risk models; Development and implementation of Financial control policy and procedures; Treasury reviews/audits; Risk management audits of Liquidity Risk, Operational Risk, Credit Risk, Market Risk, and Risk Governance; and Internal Control Opinions of organisations for consumption of internal/external stakeholders.

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